retopolgy done ^.^


So at this point i had finished my retopology and it had gone alot smoother than my first retop attempt from another project (thankfully!) i had far less errors and problems with the vertices, i took the process steadily and intricately.  there was still one thing with the mesh that i needed to rectify and that was the high res mesh appearing through the low res mesh. nthing major but if not sorted now it would mean a later stage would be made harder. The image below showcases the process i took towards re-shapiong the low res mesh around the high res. Using the soft selection tool i was able to cut down the patched and easily maintain the shape of the character. see for yourself.

the colour spectrum shows the hot spots. the selected edge will be red as that is what i am moving, soft selection adds colours from orange to blue showing as follows (orange = heavily affected, blue = lightly affected)


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