retopology -.-‘

hi again!

At this point in the character design i had completed my z-brush sculpt of the rabbit, i had used software called decimation master and then imported it back into 3ds max to begin retopologising my character. and what a drag this part was… not the best part of character design in my opinion. It’s something i’m still learning but it just takes so much of my time to complete. large areas are fine but it’s when i’ve got to zoom in real close to the characters eyes and hands to make sure all the vertices are lined up correctly… and even then i later find some discrepancies! it’s long and tedious process for me but below is the only image i have of my retopology in progress. i’m trying to get it as clean looking as i can!

the man on the left is not mine, he is just reference as to the curves and connections i was trying with my mesh. as for the model, you can see which my worst areas to do are because i havn’t done them yet >.<


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