retopolgy done ^.^


So at this point i had finished my retopology and it had gone alot smoother than my first retop attempt from another project (thankfully!) i had far less errors and problems with the vertices, i took the process steadily and intricately.  there was still one thing with the mesh that i needed to rectify and that was the high res mesh appearing through the low res mesh. nthing major but if not sorted now it would mean a later stage would be made harder. The image below showcases the process i took towards re-shapiong the low res mesh around the high res. Using the soft selection tool i was able to cut down the patched and easily maintain the shape of the character. see for yourself.

the colour spectrum shows the hot spots. the selected edge will be red as that is what i am moving, soft selection adds colours from orange to blue showing as follows (orange = heavily affected, blue = lightly affected)


retopology -.-‘

hi again!

At this point in the character design i had completed my z-brush sculpt of the rabbit, i had used software called decimation master and then imported it back into 3ds max to begin retopologising my character. and what a drag this part was… not the best part of character design in my opinion. It’s something i’m still learning but it just takes so much of my time to complete. large areas are fine but it’s when i’ve got to zoom in real close to the characters eyes and hands to make sure all the vertices are lined up correctly… and even then i later find some discrepancies! it’s long and tedious process for me but below is the only image i have of my retopology in progress. i’m trying to get it as clean looking as i can!

the man on the left is not mine, he is just reference as to the curves and connections i was trying with my mesh. as for the model, you can see which my worst areas to do are because i havn’t done them yet >.<

rabbit update*

Hey hey!

So this is the new model i’m working with, as you can see the bottom half has changed drastically, for a start i’ve gotten rid of his wobbly knees! his legs look more like a rabbits would.

few more stills…

The above images are just a couple more shots of my finished rabbit before the big change in design. again this is my second time in zbrush and am pleased with the results.

Zbrush comparison (start/finish)


So this post is in regards to the digital sculpting i did in z-brush. i really like this part of character design just stick a movie on or some banging tunes and i’m good to go 🙂 quite pleased with the result, the hardest part ofcourse was the face. the rest of the body was easy enough. below is the earliest version – this model was taking straight from 3ds max as the base mesh to start sculpting from.

So this next image is of the finished model, fully detailed and ready to be taking back into 3ds max to begin retopology.

I must add at this point – after discussion with a tutor i decided to change the the design quite abit!  i will post images at a later time but for now all i will say is the legs get shorter and the hips get bigger.

initial concept design

So you may have seen my mood wall post and know that my character is a giant rabbit that will terrorise the city smashing up buildings!

The following image is a basic outline sketch of the rabbits shape (neatened up) i wanted the rabbit to be quite broad in the shoulders with small legs and a round belly.

The next image is a colour image of the rabbit but in 4 different colour pallettes. at this point i wasn’t quite sure which one to choose (i was leaning towards white fur)

mood wall

Hi there,

So my updates are coming after putting off updating this site for way too long. i’ll start with the initial idea of my character – so for this monster game  we are creating i wanted my monster to have a non-scary look about him, and what better way to make something less scary than to make it fluffy! A rabbit was my choice and below are the inspirations behind my character design.

bugs bunny in there, le rabbit, were rabbit from wallace and gromit and big buck bunny if i got that right.

(none of these images are mine)